Pet Records

Keep all your pet records handy. All About Spot is a secure platform where you can keep all of your pet records up to date. Share them anytime with family, friends, pet sitters, and vets.

A safe, secure online data management system is the best way to protect your pet(s). With our “Fetch Records” system, all you have to do is sign up, input your pet data, and update the information from time to time. You can share these records with anyone who needs them with the touch of a few buttons!


Health Records


Vaccination Dates

allergy shots1

Allergic Reactions

medical appointment1

Medication Schedules


Food Preferences


Favorite Activities


Legacy Instructions


And much, much more

Update your pet’s information after any change, veterinarian visit, or just before you leave your pet(s) in the care of someone else. We’ll even send you reminder notifications to ensure every record is current, providing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Print, email, or grant access to your pet’s records anytime and anywhere. Fetch Records will even work on the road if you decide to take your pet(s) with you.

Subscription Rates

Sign up today to get started storing your pets information starting at just $5 a month. 

Starter Subscription

$ 5 Month

Includes up to two pet records.
Store your pet’s health records, vaccination records, allergic reactions, medications, food preferences, and more.

Add Additional Pets

$ 1 Month / Per Pet

Do you have more than two pets?
Each additional pet after the starter package is only $1.
You can add or change pets at any time.