About Us

We’re an online pet help service for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, turtles, or any other pets that have become part of your family. Keep records, share records, and shop for fresh pet-friendly toys and enrichment kits. 

Fetch Records

Register your pet(s) to maintain all their vital health records, important allergy information, medication schedules, food preferences, favorite activities, and anything else your friends, family members, pet sitters, or boarding homes need to know. You can fetch and share these records anywhere and anytime you need them.

Celebrate Spot

Drop in on this special section of our online shop and discover specially prepared pet celebrations in a box. We love to celebrate birthdays, adoption days, and your favorite holidays, making the most out of every moment with your pet(s). We have party boxes for most pets and are adding new surprises weekly.

Who Are We

All About Spot was the business that founder Kristi Pritchett always dreamed existed. Anytime she and her family would leave town, Kristi would scramble to write up everything her friends, family, and pet sitters might need to know.

By the time she finished, her lists were especially long. Her extended family includes five dogs, two birds, two turtles, one rabbit, and a koi pond. And since most of them have special diets, medications, or needs, Kristi would often leave town dreading that she might have forgotten that one very important detail.

All About Spot makes it easier for family, friends, dog daycares, dog boarding, vets and more to care for pets left in their care by pet families. The  Fetch Records house all of the information anyone would need to know about the pet(s). These Fetch Records can easily be shared at anytime to anyone the pet family chooses. It is a safe, secure platform that puts the pets needs and care at the forefront while providing their humans some peace of mind. 

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Kristi Owner

I’m a big fan of pet resorts and camp-style boarding done right. My goal is to allow you to keep your pets information safe and secure, but shareable to those that need it. We love our animals too much to let important information about them be forgotten.

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